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Savogran TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner

Recochem's T.S.P. (Trisodium Phosphate) in powder form is a versatile, effective cleaner that works on everything from laundry to garage floors. Known for years by professional painters as an excellent grease remover from walls, TSP is a household necessity.

Here are just a few of the uses for this powerful cleaner:

General Household Cleaner:1/3 cup of TSP dissolved in a bucket of water for washing kitchen and bathroom floors. It can remove finger marks and grease from walls after paint has cured on walls.
In the Workshop:Add ½ cup of TSP to a bucket of water and wash down walls in preparation for painting. For post painting clean up, soak paint brushes or rollers in a solution of TSP to restore their softness.
In the Garage:A thick paste of TSP applied to oil and grease stains on garage floors and driveways will lift the grease and rinse away. Use a strong solution of TSP to wash down driveways before applying driveway sealer to ensure a good adhesion.

We recommend the use of rubber gloves when using this product to avoid skin irritation.