Choosing a Paint Sheen
  • *Due to current industry-wide supply shortages, paint products may be temporarily out of stock or delayed. We'll contact you immediately for any issues with your order. We appreciate your patience.

    Epic is a line of super-premium interior/exterior enamels designed for use on trim and accent areas where a smooth, self-leveling and durable finish is desired. It has been created with a unique urethane-alkyd resin to provide a long lasting, hard finish that out performs standard enamel coatings.
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    Semi-Gloss (1998)


    Semi-Gloss (1998)

    Spanish SDS

    Semi-Gloss (1998)

    WARNING Prop 65

    Semi-Gloss (1998)

    WARNING Prop 65 (Standard Colors)
    Semi-Gloss (1998)

Please be advised colors on screen may vary from actual paint. Tinted product is not returnable.

Pails are not available in all product colors. If pails are not available in your selected color, gallon cans will be provided.