Muralist Strider Patton

December 16, 2020 3 min read

Muralist Strider Patton

Strider Patton mural artist for home, restaurants, and art presented by Kelly-Moore paints

Strider Patton is a third generation self-taught artist based in San Francisco who's been painting murals for 10 years and recently is diving into sculpture as well. He's painted for renowned organizations from education, hospitality, and technology, to local government, finance, and health care. He also thrives on residential commissions with homeowners and designers too.

Among many other things, Strider directed a 1,750 sq ft youth mural project with 400 kids in Iowa and painted a school in Cambodia with 80 local children. He exhibits works in international galleries, collaborates with a neon light artists on glowing murals, and completed a 4-floor public art installation in Soho London.

Let's get right into our chat...

Shannon Kaye: Strider, when I saw your sidewalk chalk mural at stARTup Art Fair San Francisco at the Hotel Del Sol in 2019, I was blown away by the speed, colors, an joy you brought to that project!

Strider Patton San Francisco based mural artist sidewalk chalk exhibition for stARTup Art Fair at Hotel Del Sol in San Francisco

Sidewalk Chalk installation for stARTup Art Fair SF 2019

Strider Patton: Thank you! Art is a way of life in my family, I grew up always making things with my hands. Leaving home I wanted to do something different so I went through college and grad school studying cultural anthropology. My education and curiosities ended up informing my art more and more, and I realized I'm happiest and most present when I'm making things.

Mural Artist Strider Patton is a contemporary San Francisco based artists known for abstract murals, sculptures and installations

I was deep in the street art world in the mid 2000s and then found opportunities to create more permanent works in places like schools, commercial businesses and even homes. It’s a dream to now be working directly with design professionals seeing how the right art can createa desired  experience.

 Shannon: I totally get that. Having an impact on an entire space with color and form can be very rewarding when you see people physically responding to your work. What role does color play in your work? Is it decorative? symbolic?

Strider: Color is critical to my work- It's like ingredients for cooking. One ingredient on its own is one thing, but you start to add others and the whole thing changes. I mostly use color aesthetically to conjure atmosphere and sometimes functionally to direct observation to certain areas.

Strider Patton is a San Francisco based mural artist interviewed by Shannon Kaye Color Marketing Manager for Kelly-Moore paints

Exterior art pieces for Flour + Water restaurant in San Francisco

Shannon: I love talking to artists who do exterior work. Tell us about your experience with color and how it's effected by sunlight and weather. Do these factors influence your color choices?

Strider: The elements are a huge consideration in any outdoor project. Sun exposure, temperature and water are major factors to consider. These are the first things I bring up with clients. Nothing is permanent, but with the right wall preparation, ever improving paint quality, and mural protection coating, I'm less weary of using certain colors and aim to keep the color vibrant for as long as possible.

Shannon: Speaking of clients, what do you need from your clients to create a successful relationship and project?

Strider: Working with clients I use questions and observation- things I learned from anthropology! I ask a lot of questions and spend time in the space where the piece will be painted. We usually go through 2 or 3 rounds to achieve the final design. 

Kelly-Moore Paints Color Marketing Manager interviews San Francisco bases mural artist Strider Patton who painted the outdoor seating for Flour + Water restaurant

Kelly-Moore Paints Color Marketing Manager interviews San Francisco bases mural artist Strider Patton who painted the outdoor seating for Flour + Water restaurant

Painted outdoor seating parklet for Flour + Water

Shannon: Tell me more about your clients.

Strider: An ideal relationship with a client is one where mutual trust and genuine interest and respect for each other is established. The more a client trusts me the better the delivery. I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible clients over the years and have had almost no bad experiences. In fact, I’ve made many dear friends from past projects!

Shannon: I love that! I always say that getting paid for a project is awesome, but when I client invites me over or calls for more, those are the most gratifying moments. So what are you working on now? 

Strider: Yes, I am working on a collection of studio paintings and small sculptures that are available now. It's been good working on a smaller scale for a change and seeing how that effects my ideas. I'm also always up for new commissions and ready to get on ladders and scissor lifts any time!

Kelly-Moore Paints Shannon Kaye interviews San Francisco based muralist Strider Patton

A big indoor mural installation was put on pause, and I just got the word that it's opening back up. I’m looking forward to getting back on a scissor lift to paint large! I’ve been incorporating neon lights, LED lights and projection mapping into murals and sculptures. I'll definitely continue with that.

The best place to see my work is on Instagram @striderpatton and you can  contact me for commissions on my website/newsletter at

Colors from Strider's palette that we love

Kelly-Moore Paints black navy charcoal KM4890 After Midnight

KM4890 After Midnight


Kelly-Moore Paints historic color yellow HLS4205

HLS4205 California Chamois



Kelly-Moore Paints peach pink parklet at Flour + Water KM5431 Georgia On My Mind

KM5431 Georgia On My Mind


Kelly-Moore Paints burgundy barn red KMA45 Red Velvet

KMA45 Red Velvet


Kelly-Moore Paints medium gray blue KM4993 Tsunami

KM4993 Tsunami


Kelly-Moore Paints teal green blue sea KM5036 For The Love Of The Hue

KM5036 For The Love Of The Hue


Kelly-Moore Paints medium lavendar lilac purple brown KM5589 Wiped Out

KM5589 Wiped Out


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