Top LA Designer's Most Livable Paint Colors

May 19, 2020 3 min read

Top LA Designer's Most Livable Paint Colors

I first met Lauren Martin Moro, founder of LMDA, at stARTup Art Fair in Venice Beach this past February. She dazzled visitors with a Moroccan themed VIP lounge and we immediately connected on all things design and color.
Laura Martin Moro LMDA is the VIP Lounge Sponsor for stARTup Art Fair LA in Venice Beach, CA in January 2020
Lauren's residential interior design firm is based in LA with projects across the country from LA to San Francisco and New York. If you haven't seen her Instagram feed you must do that now. I'll wait...
LMDA Laura Martin Moro designs and instagram profile featured by Kelly-Moore Paints
Now, just sit back and get comfy (as you do when you hear Lauren's voice) and enjoy our conversation about how she turns inspiration into beautiful effortless looking designs for her clients and herself.
Dogwood flower arrangement with crystal candlesticks dining room by Laura Martin Moro presented by Kelly-Moore Paints
Shannon Kaye: So, Lauren, what role does color play in your work?


Lauren Martin-Moro: First and foremost, we look to a home's architecture to lead our color theory process, ensuring the color palette we create enhances the stylistic principles and reads as cohesive throughout. We use color to highlight and/or contrast key design elements in a space such as wainscoting in a bathroom or a natural plaster finish on a fireplace.

Jack and Jill bathroom designed by Laura Martin Moro with white bathroom walls a dark stained wood vanity, and brass framed mirror presented by Kelly-Moore Paints


 SK: I get that. Color is an amazing tool for directing focus in a room. Do you approach your own space the same way as your clients' homes?

LMM: This is such a great question! Our signature style embodies warm, modern, soulful California living. Clients who are drawn to our style still need their home to be a personal reflection of their lifestyle. It's a very collaborative effort.

We tend to keep the walls neutral, at least for the larger living areas, and layer in color with rugs, bespoke upholstery, collected artwork and vintage accessories. For areas such as a dining room, home office, guest bedroom or bathrooms we're more inclined to add interest by way of wall/ceiling/trim color in unusual color combinations. 

White walls neutral living room designed by Laura Martin Moro presented by Kelly-Moore Paints


 LMM: My own home is warm, minimal yet eclectic. We doused the interior in "art gallery white" as I like to call it . . a pure white that doesn't lean too yellow or blue. The white walls equate a blank slate for our family friendly upholstery, antique rugs, and original oil paintings collected on our family travels abroad to take center stage.

Laura Martin Moro working from home with her design team at LMDA in Los Angeles presented by Kelly-Moore Paints

SK: Seems most of your work is in pretty natural tones. Are there colors that you resist, that just won't fit into your work?

LMM: We find ourselves opting for muted versions of primary colors, and we're always searching for the in between muddy hues that blur from one color to the next. For example, if red were our color of the moment, we would gravitate more towards a burnt paprika or an oxblood hue.

Mood board created by Lauren Martin Moro for LMDA presented by Kelly-Moore Paints


SK: I see, so do you think that these muted tones are the most ‘livable’ for people?

LMM: While we create a uniquely crafted color story for each clients home and lifestyle preferences, we believe soft, subtle tones emit a restful, effortless vibe that has a timeless appeal which will remain fresh for many years to come. 

 Muted neutral bedroom with sage walls and mauve blush upholstered bed by Laura Martin Moro for LMDA presented by Kelly-Moore Paints blog


SK: Oh my, I must have this entire bedroom! You're right it's relaxing and comfy but still so rich in texture and layers... what a stunning space! Ok, so grab your Kelly-Moore paint deck and tell me your favorite color.

LMM: Oh, don't make me choose only ONE!! A few of our favorites are: KM4933 Moon Shell for a soft and light neutral, KM4847 Mississippi River for an accent color, KM4581 Bat Wing as a grounding darker tone, and 407 Carbon because all rooms need a touch of black. 

 Laura Martin Moro's favorite Kelly-Moore Paints colors, Moon Shell, Bat Wing, Mississippi River, and Carbon


SK: I love these colors! And I see them all here in this wonderfully simple but rich table setting.

Eucalyptus table setting with black vase and leather chairs by Laura Martin Moro for LMDA featured in Kelly-Moore Paints blog


SK: It's been so fun, as always, visiting with you, Lauren. Before you head back to your team, tell me what you're working on and what's next? 

LMM: We're currently working on a ground up residential build in Manhattan Beach for a fun, active young family we've been lucky to work with three times prior.

With 2020 being the summer of the staycation, now more than ever clients are asking for our help in solving their desperate need for restful, multi-functional family zones.

Everyone deserves the joy of a thoughtfully designed home.

LMDA neutral and white living room design by Laura Martin Moro featured in Kelly-Moore Paints blog


SK: Be sure to shop Lauren's favorite Kelly-Moore Paints colors and go to her LMDA website to see more of her work and services. 

Thank you, Lauren! I'm looking forward to a time when we talk 'design' over a cup of coffee. Together. In the same room. Preferably one of yours :)

Brutalist lamp and prayer beads arranged by Laura Martin Moro for LMDA design featured in Kelly-Moore Paints blog

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