June in Color: 12 Playful Blues & Fun Painting Projects

June 16, 2021 3 min read

June in Color: 12 Playful Blues & Fun Painting Projects

By Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager
June 2021

Summer brings images of big blue skies, lazy days at the lake, staying cool in a pool, long walks along the ocean… Summer is hot, but the water is so cool.

If you're ready to have some fun with paint projects this summer, here are some playful ideas with blue that we think you can absolutely jump into...

When Kelly-Moore was my client I produced a video for them where we painted this staircase. Styled with pale blue walls and a gravity defying bookcase, this space still makes me smile.

KMA31 Tiny Bubbles

KM5046 Pool Party


Neutral body colors allow for a personal color touch with your architectural details. If you're going to paint your front door a gorgeous color, do the same for your shutters. This much color may feel scary, but the consistency will actually give your home a traditional look.

KM5022 Wild Blue Yonder


Almost any color, style, size art looks amazing on deep blue walls. Consider high contrast with white or light artworks or go big and colorful with brightly colored pieces that sparkle in the room.


Natalia Lerman designed a beautiful beach house on the coast of California. Not a detail is missed, not even in this play room where a simple color block treatment encourages fun gatherings and friendly competition. See my interview with Natalia here

HLS4288 Galleon Blue

KM5005 Cielo

KM4985 Old Faithful


Blue kitchen cabinets have been a long lasting trend that feels almost timeless now! This gorgeous cabinet color, fittingly called Passionate Blueberry, is a perfect complement to colorful dishes and bright summer foods.

KM4988 Passionate Blueberry


I enjoyed interviewing Philip Hua who created this butterfly artwork and relies on placing opposites together in delicate motifs and combinations. Read my chat with Philip  and discover the accent color he used for an accent wall in his own home.

KM5016 Water Chi


The first time I used Whale's Mouth for a client, we painted her living room, entry, and hallways- including baseboards and crown- in this super soft blue neutral blue. She admitted later she was terrified but decided to go for it and now feels so proud of her home and the range of colors she can use to decorate.

Here the walls are just one shade lighter than the wanescoting, giving the room a traditional paneled that looks clean and modern too.


KM4997 Whale's Mouth

KM4998 Crackling Lake

If you're nervous about using darker colors in your room, just be sure to include lots of texture with layers of fabrics, mixed wood finishes, and dramatic lighting to give the room an intimate sophisticated mood. No one will say, 'Gee, your room is dark!" They'll say, "Wow, your room is gorgeous!" Trust me on this.

KM4987 Snake River

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, a curious open mind will help you step out of your comfort zone and see your home in a whole new light. And you'll discover the fun of finding those perfect hues for your house without the overwhelm.

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