2022 Color Trends PART ONE: 3 Movements Driving Color

December 16, 2021 2 min read

2022 Color Trends PART ONE: 3 Movements Driving Color

By Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager

Choosing one Color of the Year is cool. It's fun. But it doesn't really capture the essence of the trends we're seeing or how to use them in our homes.

And since my mission is to help you choose colors for your home with confidence, I decided to skip Color of the Year to bring you a 2-part series that identifies emerging design trends AND ALL THE COLORS bringing those moments to life.

So let's just jump into three movements effecting home interiors today and then in Part 2, we'll dive deeper into the colors reflecting these trends and how to use them. Here we go!

Climate Change and Air Quality


Kelly-Moore Tropical Forest Kelly-Moore Succulent Garden Kelly-Moore Jasper Park


The pandemic forced us to reconnect to nature from a different perspective; that of allowing the planet to heal and understanding the impact of climate change on our health. 

Expect to see bigger foliage and intentionally placed plants for better breathing as leaf and floral pattern popularity continues to grow.


Smart technology trends for homes in 2022
Kelly-Moore  Kelly-Moore Tech Wave is a popular bright blue Kelly-Moore Blue Crab Escape


Technology is becoming more integrated into our lives as we begin to rely on smart devices and interact with AI and VR apps for our homes and lives. 

Expect to see more iridescent and light infused colors and nostalgic looking home goods with smart technology to make them better than before.

Extreme Optimism

Kelly-Moore Design Trend predictions for 2022 include Extreme Optimism and Maximalism
 Kelly-Moore Costa Rican Palm Kelly-Moore Calico Rose KM4410 a popular bright light pink


All this new found awareness has us feeling energized to express ourselves more freely and look for ways to make positive changes. Look up movements like Memphis Design, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Optimistic Design to understand this state of mind aimed at creating delight and sparking joy (if you will).

Expect to see dramatic furniture, energetic geometric shapes and patterns, and big figurative art.

This is just a taste of the design trends we're watching and some of the colors coming from those movements. In PART 2 we'll dive a little deeper into more of the trending paint colors you might find exciting for you next home projects. Check it out!


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