11 Front Doors You'll Want to Knock On

January 20, 2022 5 min read

11 Front Doors You'll Want to Knock On

By Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager
Gone are the days when front doors were red, white, or stained wood. Today, you can feel free to make your mark with a front door color that brightens the look of your whole house and shares a bit of your personal style. 
Here are eleven of my favorite front door colors. Some I selected for clients back in my consulting days, some I found walking down the street, and some we sourced from our image library. We added the color suggestions that we think will give you the same look and feel, but always give these ideas a try first before committing to your plan. We have large COLOR Swatches and Sample Quarts you can purchase online. Okay, let's get started!
Blue houses are trending hard right now. I love how this house boasts a very traditional (and popular!) interior blue for the exterior. So good! And why be shy with the front door? This gorgeous bubblegum pink feels amazing all the way from the street! The house retains it's historic feel and feels totally today at the same time.
Passionate Blueberry KM4988,  Pink Bubble Tea KM5482,  Swiss Coffee 23
Kely-Moore Passionate Blueberry KM4988  Kelly-Moore Pink Bubble Tea KM5482  Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee
One of my favorite clients lives in this house. And after tackling colors for her interiors she asked me to make her traditional ranch style home to feel more open and airy. She had this big beautiful front door installed fairly recently and loved it, but wanted a total refresh.
Painting the siding and trim with a chalky soft white and off-black for just the facia/gutters made the house feel bigger, taller, and more modern. Now all we needed was a great front door color. We considered several colors ranging from traditional red to popular yellow. What felt the best was this amazing green which feels bold and fresh while also showing off the fresh green landscaping she tends to year-round.
Apollo Landing KMW50,  Black Oak KMA89,  Jasper Park KM5072
Kelly-Moore Apollo Landing KMW50  Kelly-Moore Black Oak KMA89  Kelly-Moore Jasper Park KM5072
The beauty of a white house is that you can totally define the look of that building with the front door color. I used to walk by this house almost every day and just love this blue hue that feels like the sea around Greece. The traditional gate and expansive palm give the house a bit of an old island feel with a regal-ness that only well-kept aging can create.
Swiss Coffee 23,  World Peace KM5030
Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee    Kelly-Moore World Peace KM5030
I love unexpected paint colors combos and this house blew me away!
I wouldn't consider peach a particularly bold color, but it's a bold and wonderful front door choice by this homeowner with the somber siding and trim colors. Without light or bright details to balance the dark palette, this color scheme could feel a bit dreary. But, here the exposed brick stairs and peachy soft front door create a welcoming path and soften this sophisticated color scheme. 
Cave Painting KM4894, Midnight Escape KMA86, Copper Blush KM4403
Kelly-Moore Cave Painting KM4894   Kelly-Moore Copper Blush  Kelly-Moore Midnight Escape KMA86
So many of us have houses with front doors is hidden from the street. How did this happen?!
Nothing says hello like a gorgeous front door, so for this deep porch at my client's house we went for it with a bright melon color painted on the door AND doorframe to make it prominent and inviting. Painting your door and door frame to match can make smaller doors feel bigger, and dark porches feel brighter.
Foggy Night KM4580,  Arrowhead KM4939,  Rich Georgian Clay KM5434
Kelly-Moore Foggy Night KM4580  Kelly-Moore Arrowhead  Kelly-Moore Rich Georgian Clay
While white is still a popular choice for interiors and exteriors right now, I'm definitely noticing a wonderful shift from stark cold tints to warm creamy off-whites that are friendly allowing our homes to feel more casual and livable. 
When it comes to choosing trim colors for your white house, don't be afraid to feature only the best elements. Here the body and trim are painted a deep creamy white, with farm style shutters dressed in black and French doors in red. These colors are very traditional for farm and country style, but used in a fun new way that features the best architectural features.
Rotunda White KM5819,   Carbon 407,   Indian Red HLS4293
Rotunda White KM5819    
Even if your house is, let's say, vintage :-) you can still play with fun front door colors to brighten the overall look without drastically changing the historic feel.
Consider creating a bit of contrast with unexpected colors that intentionally stand out from the materials of the house. Here the warm stone colors are complemented with a light indigo blue front door. It's fresh and fun without being too outlandish for a sweet old cottage.
Blue Bonnet KM4973, Zebra Finch KM4930, Broken White KMW47
Kelly-Moore Blue Bonnet KM4973  Kelly-Moore Zebra Finch KM4934  Kelly-Moore KMW47
Simple bungalows like this are one the best styles to decorate with an intentional front door color. Here a realtor chose neutral paint colors for the entire house then added small bursts of color with the planter and flowers to show potential homeowners how easily they'll be able to add their own personal touches to this humble home.
Feather Stone KM4578,  Swiss Coffee 23, Black Oak KMA89
Kelly-Moore Featherstone KM4578   Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee   Kelly-Moore Black Oak KMA89
So what about a dark modern house? You still have a wonderful opportunity here to make sure the entrance is prominent. I love how this modern porch is distinguished by warm white walls with a very chic barn style house in a soft honey hue.
Black Oak KMA89,  Picket Fence KMW46, Honey Robber KM5265
Kelly-Moore Black Oak KMA89  Kelly-Moore Picket Fence  Kelly-Moore Honey Robber KM5263
Here's another gorgeous portico that feels fresh AND fitting on this updated barrel front city house. In this case, the homeowners chose to balance a one-color scheme with a coppery terracotta porch that brings craftsman style attention to the landscape and entry.
I love being totally surprised by color placement and this house definitely made me smile and think, "I wouldn't have thought of that! It's perfect!"
Zinc Dust KM4903, Boot Hill Ghost KM5377
Kelly-Moore Zinc Dust KM4903   Kelly-Moore Boot Hill Ghost KM5377
We continue to see yellow front doors rise in popularity and I can't help but feel good about that. Yellow is such an optimistic and surprisingly versatile color for homes. Here, an art deco house with chunky Spanish style sconces and larger than life door handles gets a sunshiny reprise with California Chamois for dramatic double doors.
Frank Lloyd White HLS4202,  California Chamois HLS4205
Kelly-Moore Frank Lloyd White HLS4202  Kelly-Moore California Chamois HLS4205
Whether you consider your house to be too small, too big, too old, or too boring, taking a step back to consider a new color for your front door can totally re-define how you and everyone around you sees your home. You may be surprised by how many compliments (and copy cats!) you get. Even more important, you may just start to love your home again. 

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