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Can Paint Really Restore Us?

January 05, 2021 2 min read

Can Paint Really Restore Us?

The Free Dictionary defines RESTORE:

1. To bring back into existence or use; reestablish: restore law and order. 2. To bring back to an original or normal condition: restore a building; restored the patient to health.

For me, restoration is about embracing where we are and finding strength in it, to create something more. 

Just before the holidays, I moved from our San Francisco earthquake house to a brutalist cinder block cottage in the Sierra Foothills. Exciting, yes!, But still, I had to figure out how to get my bearings and embrace this unexpected change.

Overwhelmed by this unexpected move and the immense work ahead of us (this is our very dramatic and very real 'BEFORE' picture), I glanced over at my vintage art deco sideboard in a pile of un packed boxes and stacks of furniture. It's a piece I'd repurposed years ago painting chevron stripes and adding a salvaged wood hutch to it for my bedroom. 

Shannon Kaye's repurposed vintage flea market 1930's art deco sideboard painting black and white chevron stripes and adding a salvaged wood hutch.

The piece and my home were featured in a few magazines. I was proud of it and perfectly it fit in my old house. But now it was a little worn again and out of touch with the look I want to create in my new place. It wasn't showcased anymore, and I missed how special it felt before.

Suddenly I knew where to start to get bearings and start that creative momentum. I pulled it from the boxes and started painting it for our new space.



With one gorgeous color, KM4890 After Midnight, I renewed my favorite piece once again, and once again felt confident and capable about restoring this house and transforming our lives here. KM4890 After Midnight is a super deep navy that's so regal and smooth. Makes me feel safe and grounded as I sit here plunking out this blog post today!

And here's just a few steps towards our dream 'AFTER'.  We've got new floors, new plumbing, and I've been painting our concrete walls, one room at a time. We still need a ceiling and so much more, but having my favorite piece by our table makes me feel at home and happy.

I'm so excited to share color advice, painting hacks, and step-by-step makeover projects with you as we tackle this remodel one little bit at a time. I'll show you everything I've learned in my days as a decorative painter and television home makeover host. And I'll pass everything I learn on this new journey too.

Let's take the year to restore a sense of order and begin to imagine our homes and our lives bigger than ever.

Grab your paint brushes, People! You've got this... We've got this.

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