April In Color: We're Re-thinking Pink

April 22, 2021 2 min read

April In Color: We're Re-thinking Pink

Back in 2015 when I chose KM4464 Bare Pink for a color blocking video (watch here!), the choice seemed rather bold for a living room. Just a few years later it seems pink has grown on all of us... or maybe we've grown up a bit?
Either way, it's definitely not for baby girls anymore. Pink is for everyone again, and can be both powerful and playful depending on where you use it and which cheeky version you choose. We're seeing it in so many fun and unexpected places. Here are just a few of our favorites and why they work so well.
Popular pink living room with color blocking by Shannon Kaye and Kelly-Moore Paints

KM4464 Bare Pink


Today's terrazzo and terra cotta craze is perfect with warm peachy pinks that feel just a bit faded. We love pink in patio and sunroom spaces where people like to hang out at the end of the day. 

Trendy stair case with an arch and terrazzo flooring pairs beautifully with Kelly-Moore range of pink paints

KM5440 Joyful Poppy


 And don't even get me started on pink and any playful colors for stairs! It's just a fun easy way to keep everyone in your house smiling and looking up.

Rainbow inspired colors on a clean light wood staircase add a playful touch to stairs by Kelly-Moore Paints and Shannon Kaye

KM5527 Dragon's Fire


Have you noticed kitchen cabinets getting more adventurous with color? Today's kitchens are about celebrating this favorite gathering spot with expressive optimistic colors from sage green to baby blue and yes, some really pretty pinks.

Kelly-Moore features pink cabinets to show modern design with brass tab pulls and rustic cutting board accessories

 Kelly-Moore Paints KM4415 Fall Leaf pastel neutral peachy pink

KM4416 Fall Leaf

Pink is a surprisingly versatile for kitchens. Use bright playful pink for sunny slim-lined cabinets or beige-y barely there blush colors for a subtle update on traditional doors and drawers.

A country kitchen with a modern pink cabinet paint color to make farm style kitchens trendy

KM4515 Corkscrew Willow is Kelly-Moore's soft neutral beige with just a touch of peachy pink

KM4515 Corkscrew Willow

Now just step outside for a minute or two and you'll see pink's strongest trend!

Front doors have become a personal welcome statement, and pink is definitely bursting onto that scene. Think old-fashioned flower colors like mini-rose and carnation for bungalows and farm house front doors...

Historic bungalow craftsman style with a modern twist blue siding and pink front door

HLS4216 Bubble Gum

 And more exotic hues in the range of coral and flamingos for art deco houses, of any era, and post-modern abodes.

Historic paint colors on art deco midcentury modern house with pink front door by Kelly-Moore Paints

HLS4302 Poodle Skirt Peach

Nothing shows confidence more highlighting a spectacular exterior feature like these chevron garage doors with a gorgeous berry pink to make sure everyone notices.

chevron style garage door with bright pink paint and brick siding featured by Kelly-Moore Paints

KM5456 Native Berry

And if you're really feeling ready for a change that will wake up your neighbors, gown up shades of soft subtle pink feel easier than ever for our little pink houses.

Barely blush pink row house with light blue door makes a vintage pink statement that's in style today

KM4437 Rose Colored Glasses

We can't wait to see your next perfect pink project! Make sure to tag us on Instagram at @kellymoorepaint where you'll be considered for reposting and maybe even a feature n our blog.



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