2022 Color Trends PART TWO: Our Favorite Color Stories

December 16, 2021 4 min read

2022 Color Trends PART TWO:  Our Favorite Color Stories

By Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager

If you checked out Part 1 of my 2022 Color Trends series, you know about some of the strongest design trends and the colors already hitting top design magazines and feeds.

Now we'll dive a little deeper into more of the trending colors we're embracing and how they might resonate with you as you redefine the ways you're living in your space now and how to support that new normal? 

One: Luscious food and spice colors energize and build confidence

Feeling hungry for change? Colors of turmeric, melon, mustard and chili powder coming in strong for 2022. Yellow is the color of optimism and personal power, and we're seeing this popular hue begin to shift from slightly citrus to rich yummy versions from mango, saffron, and chili powder.

Mix these gorgeous food colors with natural wood tones, rustic plaster  textures, bold planter shapes, and simple stone surfaces for everything from counters to side tables.

The look is perfect for casual easy rooms with lots of light where people relax and visit like a sunny kitchen, low key living room, or bohemian bedroom.



Kelly-Moore Copper Beach   Kelly-Moore Ginger Peach   Kelly-Moore Chili Powder

 Two: Leafy Greens (and hopefully our plants!) are growing on us
Entry by Jewel Marlowe for One Room Challenge

Besides having much stronger awareness about how deeply reliant we are on nature, perhaps we've been influenced by the house plants we accumulated over the past eighteen months!

Ever versatile, greens can feel nostalgic, luxurious, and darn right happy depending on the character of the color. Just before the pandemic hit, we were seeing minty gray greens starting to emerge. But now, the color is bright and strong with yellow undertones that keep it from feeling too sweet.

Bold olive-y and bright celery greens are showing up on cabinets everywhere and soft sage walls aren't just for bedrooms anymore.

Look for greens that make you feel happy and plant them into almost any current design trends from MidCentury Farm Style to Bohemian Chic.

To make these colors chic, look to vintage lighting, white cabinets, brass or black fixtures, and maybe another jewel tone or two for added sophistication.

    Kelly-Moore Theater Dress   Kelly-Moore Jasper Park


THREE: Deep Blues replace black for sophisticated drama

Blue is always popular, but the most recent popular version was powdery and soft. Suddenly we're watching rich hues of indigo, cobalt, and deep sea take the place of black for everything from dark rooms to punchy pillows and traditional dishware. 

Use dark murky blues for dramatic designs where contracting colors like pink, tangerine, copper, and cream can shine. Or use it for small accents in neutral room in the form of vases, pillows or throws for a classic touch.

      Kelly-Moore After Midnight KM4890
Kelly-Moore Blue Crab Escape   Kelly-Moore Good Karma   Kelly-Moore Vinca
Four: Redefined Flower Power exudes generosity and glamour

Think of every gorgeous red color flower you've ever seen from magenta orchids to coral colored poppies and you'll see what's coming in hot for 2022.


Reds and pinks are so expressive. They can convey intimacy, glamour, power, and generosity. Go for hot deep pinks or burgundy to show you have seriously glamorous taste. Or pick soft petal colors from faded red to cheerful poppy for a nostalgic feel that goes with everything from the new brutalist style to modern classic.


Kelly-Moore Native Berry   Kelly-Moore Calico Rose   Kelly-Moore Sunday Gloves   
Five: Use today's warm complex neutrals for soft layers of luxury


Believe it or not, there's a neutral trend in this mix too! Bright white rooms are giving way to softer muted tones that lean in several directions from soft taupe grays to mushroom stem browns, and pinkish beige tones.


These complex colors are difficult to name but are all characterized by an understated sophistication that feels calm, secure, and refined. 

And while these tones are quiet, they bring out the dramatic textures and nuances of wood, stone, straw, and other natural materials.

Look at furnishings and countertops with strong straight lines, decorative vases, bowls, and planters with soft curves and geometric shapes, and rich layers of linen, wool, and velvet.



    Kelly-Moore Gettysburg Gray    Kelly-Moore Greybeard


Whatever trend you're attracted to, look for ways to freshen things up that you already have. Try a dresser in your dining room or entry, and vintage chair for a nightstand. When you see your own things in a new way, you may also see some new color ideas too.

And don't be afraid to try painting in new ways too. Paint the ceiling a fun color, paint the wall, doors, and trim to match, or consider two walls in a feature color to define your space more dramatically.

And since trends evolve as everything around us and the world changes, we're always updating our 'Popular Color Trends' page. Visit the page often to see how we follow these trends.

And now we have 8 1/2 x 11 COLOR Swatches available only online to help you imagine your boldest color ideas before you paint.

We can't wait to see your makeovers and learn more about your process and choices. Tag us on Instagram at @kellymoorepaint to be considered for reposting.


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