16 Ranch Schemes To Brighten Your Home

March 02, 2022 4 min read

16 Ranch Schemes To Brighten Your Home

By Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager

Ranch style houses were popular in suburban developments from the 1920's all the way to the 1970's! No wonder they come with so many quirky details from chalet style bump outs, as seen here, to textured glass and Spanish style railings.

I'd been looking for a ranch to render for this Sweet 16 series when an enthusiastic homeowner sent us this picture asking for help. I was ready for the challenge!

This is the before picture of a Ranch style house featured in Kelly-Moore Paints Sweet 16 blogpost series

So, here's the house as it's currently painted. Read on to discover sixteen color palettes to help it sparkle again. Per usual, I'm including some selection and placement guidance to help you translate these ideas to your house. Never be afraid to make it your own!

Kelly-Moore Acoustic White a popular interior and exterior color trend for interior and exterior    Kelly-Moore Greybeard KM4940 is a popular warm light gray color trend   Kelly-Moore Copper Beach KM5372  is a popular warm rustic terra cotta color trend   

White houses are still so popular, and great for Ranches. Dressed in white, smaller homes feel bigger and bigger looking homes feel more livable. 

Kelly-Moore Rotunda White KM5819 is a popular warm off white interior and exterior home color trend   Kelly-Moore City Tower KM5823 is a popular exterior warm medium gray color trend

Kelly-Moore Carbon is a top selling color and popular exterior house paint color trend   Kelly-Moore Warm Welcome KM4435 is a popular exterior front door color trend 

Many Ranches started out white with black shutters, but you can update this palette with deep off-white and softer black trim for lower contrast than your typical black and white house.

Popular Ranch style exterior color trends by Shannon Kaye for Kelly-Moore Paints Sweet 16 blog series

Kelly-Moore Bone   Kelly-Moore KM5784 Creek Bay   Kelly-Moore Jasper Park KM5072

A very modern approach I happen to like in the right setting is painting a house one color. It's a great way to blend uneven and undesirable elements with an opportunity to focus on one or two specific features- even if that's the landscaping!

Kelly-Moore Greybeard KM4940 is a popular interior and exterior light gray color trend   Kelly-Moore Tin Man KM4942 is a popular exterior medium to dark gray exterior house paint color

Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee is a top selling popular color trend for interiors and exteriors    Kelly-Moore Rare Happening KM5070 is a popular agua green blue color trend

Those who know me have heard my rant about garage doors. Why are they so often in front of the front door? Why is the tiny trim around them painted in contrast? So many questions!

Let's just make a pact: If you an amazing garage door with beautiful materials and glass- that's a great feature! If it's a 'regular' mostly functional door, let's try to minimize the impact of such a big element on the rest of the house. 

Here, I chose a slightly darker color for the garage door AND trim to soften the size of it. Notice how your eyes go to the front door and bump out instead of the garage? That's elegant success!

Kelly-Moore City Tower KM5823   Kelly-Moore Antique White

Kelly-Moore Volcanic Rock KM5826   Kelly-Moore HLS4242 Ritzy

You can also paint the garage door AND trim to match the body color. This allows the front door to stand out and provides a great opportunity to add fun planters, colorful plants, and cool light fixtures.

Kelly-Moore Whispering Winds KM4857   Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee

Kelly-Moore Tranquility KM4846   Kelly-Moore Roadster Yellow HLS4238

Another great option is to paint your garage door the same as the trim, which eliminates that stripe-y look.

Kelly-Moore San Francisco Fog KM5822   Kelly-Moore Acoustic White

Kelly-Moore Sandpiper Cove KM5821   Kelly-Moore Almond Blossom KM4455

Here's a similar placement plan. We added the garage door color to the planter ledge on the bump out to create a nice background for modern planters and colorful flowers. You can also keep that ledge empty and fill the area below with gorgeous planters and colorful flowers.

Kelly-Moore Sequoia Fog KM4935   Kelly-Moore Young Colt KM4930

Kelly-Moore Grouchy Badger KM4938   Kelly-Moore Living Large KM5442

Ranch homes also benefit from monochromatic schemes. Here, we used light, medium, and darker tones of the same warm neutral color. The front door feels more visible and welcoming with this plan.

Red door featured in Kelly-Moore Paints Sweet 16 color palette blog series

Kelly-Moore Tranquil Taupe KM5788   Kelly-Moore Tombstone Gray KM4564   Kelly-Moore Warm Welcome KM4435

Black and dark stained doors are common on Ranches. We say mix it up with an updated red door color that's bold and bright. And notice we painted the door trim to match! This is a great technique for making front doors look bigger and stand out in deep or dark porches.

Kelly-Moore Venetian Wall KM4910   Kelly-Moore Broken White KMW47

Kelly-Moore Duck Willow KM4791   Kelly-Moore Yin Mist KM4897 

Why outline things you don't really want to notice? I give you permission - right here - to say no to painting trim where it doesn't serve the best look of your house. We camouflage the uneven and small windows here by painting them to match the body.

Mediterranean yellow house featured in Kelly-Moore's Sweet 16 blog series about best exterior colors

Kelly-Moore Cozy Cover KM5287   Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee

Kelly-Moore Irish Cream KM5256   Kelly-Moore Old School KM4862

Ok, its time to talk about more color. Not everyone feels this bold, but in a sea of matching houses, I always consider colorful options to add more personality. Here's a monochromatic scheme of Mediterranean style yellow with a gorgeous green door for balance. It's not for everyone, but it does have a nostalgic quality and fresh look.

Ranch style exterior color palettes by Kelly-Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Presidio Plaza KM5698   Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee   Kelly-Moore Ayrshire KM4525

Kelly-Moore Paw Print KM4937   Kelly-Moore Big Daddy Blue KM5811

To make colorful exterior palettes work, look for more neutral versions of the colors you love. Here, coppery soft tones make the landscaping look lush and full.

Popular blue exterior color trends shown in Kelly-Moore blog series Sweet 16 with a Ranch style house

Kelly-Moore Stieglitz Fog HLS4227   Kelly-Moore Whisper Ridge KM5766   Kelly-Moore Yin Mist KM4897

Choosing unexpected colors requires careful consideration for the placement. This dark sexy palette needed minimal detail. I only called out the planter ledge, which is a ripe opportunity for simple plantings.

Kelly-Moore Volcanic Rock KM5826   Kelly-Moore Acoustic White   Kelly-Moore Calico Rose KM4410

And since we're looking at darker paint colors, here's how a darker scheme can work on a long low roofline. The main contrast is the fascia, which actually make the walls look a little taller. And make sure your front door is an amazing color too.

Popular Ranch house exterior color palettes created by Shannon Kaye for Kelly-Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Viking Castle KM4944   Kelly-Moore Seaweed Wrap KM4946

Kelly-Moore City Dweller KM4941   Kelly-Moore Carbon

Or go for a sophisticated and sedate palette that allows for magical landscaping and stand out light fixtures.

Popular Ranch style exterior color palettes by Shannon Kaye for Kelly-Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Platinum Granite   Kelly-Moore San Francisco Fog KM5822

Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee   Kelly-Moore Grant Village KM4986

Whatever color palette you choose, consider breaking the standard rules to place the best colors in the best places for your architecture, your neighborhood, and even more importantly, your style.

Tag us on Instagram with your great Kelly-Moore paint project! And stay tuned for another Sweet 16 house.

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