THE essential COLOR SET Fandeck

May 12, 2022 1 min read

THE essential COLOR SET Fandeck

In 2019 I started curating THE essential COLOR SET fandeck with 100 beautiful pages of our top selling paint colors for your home.

Little did I realize when I started this project that bringing color home and finding easy ways to make the changes we need to our spaces would become more critical than ever. It’s been an honor to work with our team to create the first fandeck we’ve ever made just for you!

Whether you’re creating a home office, a meditation corner, or a zoom-worthy feature wall, THE essential COLOR SET fandeck has the clean whites, warm neutrals, classic blues, and bright accents you’ll need to update your living experience.

And another first!, We’re offering this fandeck at 50% off through June 6th. Order yours online or pick on up at your local Kelly-Moore store and start exploring new color ideas for your home before you paint.

I hope you love this fandeck and all the beautiful colors we can bring to your home. Here’s to your colorful life,

- Shannon Kaye

Here are a few rooms and houses created with THE essential COLOR SET:


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